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Nana Rogues who recently had huge success with Section Boyz, “Trappin Aint Dead” has now Executive Produced the new Alwayz Recording Album Concrete Jungle. Featuring over 50 artists, the 16-track tape is a melting pot featuring Britain’s biggest stars in rap and grime from the last decade, running the spectrum from original innovators like Skepta to rising names like Stormzy and Bonkaz.

Nana has produced one of the most anticipated tracks “Can’t See Me Again,” featuring Skepta and original grime MCs Kano and Bashy.  As Bashy said, “It’s a long time since I’ve linked up with my brothers Skepta and Kano, we come from the original school of grime and it’s always a pleasure to be able to get back to the roots of where we came from. ‘Can’t See Me Again’ not only gave me the opportunity to do that but also look at where we’ve all got to at this point in time in our music.”

The result is a massive tune about letting go of the past and moving forward, with Skepta in a reflective mood right from his opening line: I used to smile in pictures, but the ends changed me. There’s also a little borrowing from Drake, with Bashy declaring no new friends as he looks back on his past in the concrete jungle. Listen exclusively, and pre-order Concrete Jungle ahead of its August 28 release here.