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Singer Temara Melek’s First Video Features the Pretty Little Liars Cast! Get the Scoop

Remember in that hey day of pop music, when stars got famous overseas before making it big at home in the United States? Temara Melek has been called the teenage Katy Perry in the U.K., but the California girl is unknown on her own home turf. Get ready for that to change! She chatted with about coming home and her hot new video with Keegan Allen and Gregg Sulkin of Pretty Little Liars.

OK!: Where are you from, and how did you get your start?

Temara Melek: I’m originally from Colorado, and I moved out to California about four years ago. When I was little, I used to do small performances around my state, like in pageants. When we moved out here, I found a vocal coach and that’s when I decided that’s what I wanted to do for a career, be a singer. My manager found me online about a year ago after I posted a few videos.

OK!: Can you explain how you became more famous in the UK?

TM: My manager Dani Stephenson is from London, so I went out to England a year ago and started recording with producers out there and writing with people. When my single came out, I lived in London for two months, doing radio interviews and a whole bunch of press. That’s why it took off there first.

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OK!: Did you spend a lot of time there?

TM: I do! I go back and forth, which I don’t mind because I actually love it out there.

OK!: How is the music scene different?

TM: I like the music scene a lot better there, actually. All my favorite artists are from there. I feel like people take more risks, because it has a different sound than American music.

OK!: Who are some of your favorite artist?

TM: I just saw Little Mix perform for the third time, and they’re definitely one of my favorites. They’re amazing. I love One Direction and Cher Lloyd and Olly Murs. All great UK artists. I think my favorite American artists is Miley Cyrus. I just saw her in concert as well. She definitely put on a show.

OK!: How would you describe your sound?

TM: Well I’ve always been a dancer, my whole life. With my music, I just want people to get up and dance and have a good time while listening to it.

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OK!: Can you tell me about the single?

TM: My single is called “Karma’s Not Pretty,” and it’s about how I had a boyfriend, and in the beginning it started out wonderful. Then he decided to go behind my back and flirt with my best friend. We both confront him, and I move on with this great guy, and he realizes he missed out.

OK!: The Pretty Little Liars guys are in the video! How did that happen?

TM: I’m a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars, so my manager reached out to ask if they wanted to do the video. They both said yes, and I was super excited to work with them. They are such great guys, and we still keep in touch.

OK!: What were they like in real life?

TM: They were really, really nice, and we had a lot of fun behind the scenes. We’d be dancing or messing around. So they’re cool, because Keegan, who plays the bad guy on Pretty Little Liars, is actually super nice. And Gregg Sulkin is a great guy. He’s very charming.

OK!: Who’s your favorite guy on Pretty Little Liars?

TM: It was Ezra, but I’m kind of mad at him right now!

OK!: Are you working on a full album?

TM: Well, I’m actually going to Nashville to record a bunch of songs for two weeks, so I will probably have an album later this year. I will have a single and a video coming out in late spring.

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OK!: How does it feel to be starting your career all over again, in a way, in the U.S.?

TM: I am feeling a bit nervous, because in the U.K. my song is on the radio. It’s not totally huge out there, but it is on the radio. So I’m nervous, but I’m excited. I hope it does as well.

OK!: Whose career would you love to have one day?

TM: Probably Taylor Swift. I’m a huge fan of her. I love her music. She’s had such a great career, she’s been singing for quite a while and won so many awards and makes great music. She’s doing her own tour, and I’ve seen videos from it and I want to go so bad! I’d love to have a career like hers.

OK!: Where would you love to be five years from now?

TM: I’d definitely like to headline my own tour like that. And still making music and having people enjoy it.

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