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The mastermind of Neuromarketing stratgy and Social Media…  On entering the Neuromarketing space in 2009, Sara was a Neuromarketing niche founder, Awarded as Gartner’s Cool Vendor in Consumer Dynamics 2013, we began by offering Strategic Neuromarketing at high level to key Corporate Institutions under NDA, new Social Platforms Behaviour & Communication Strategies as well as brands such as, Cable & Wireless, Banham, Cure Cancer, The Seychelles Islands, Nature Seychelles, Cousin Island, Hunt Deltel, Stella & Dot, Government CyberAware (Chartered Institue of IT & NATO), BAE Systems, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and Oxford University.  In 2011 Sara teamed up with Dani Stephenson to open up a music vertical for Online PR and Social Media consultancy, this was to fuse neuroscience and neuromarketing with social media as well as design new application and digital technologies to create organic online interaction and growth with view to monetize.  Since founding the internal marketing team, Sara has had success with artists like Dirty Money, Temara Melek, Don Diablo, DJ Antoine, Ghostkick and many more, covering all aspects of creative from visual, branding, art-working, coding & development, functionality and technology design/development/implementation/testing and workshop training.   At present she is the top 10 consultants in the country on Neuroscience strategy social media fusion.